Welcome to my new YouTube channel Dulcimer Worship, where I will be sharing some of my favorite worship songs that I play on my Dulciborn. I will post a new song the first Wednesday of every month! Lyrics and chord charts with mountain dulcimer tab notation are available for download for each song.

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Mountain Dulcimer Tab Notation from my Dulcimer Worship songs

You Set My Soul on Fire (Key of Em) An original song that was written by Donna and her husband Mike, using the music from Paul Simon's Sound of Silence. 19.8 KB
Father Stand by Me (Key of G chord shapes) see description below I am playing a 4 string equidistant mountain dulcimer, and I have it tuned DGBE. I am playing the chord shapes for G, and I am capo'd to the second fret, so that puts me in the key of A. The chords and tab are in G. 18.8 KB
God Bless America/God Bless the USA (see description for key info) I'm playing a 4-string equidistant string mountain dulcimer tuned DGBE, and I am capo'd at the first fret. I am playing the chord shapes of the key of A for God Bless America, but the actual key is Bb. For God Bless the USA, I'm playing chord shapes for the key of D, and the actual key is Eb. 55.4 KB
My Heart Just Overflows (key of A) This is one of my original songs that I've just recently recorded. I hope you enjoy it! 31.3 KB
Lean on Me (key of C) ~ 4 string tab I'm playing this song on my 4 string equidistant McCafferty Dulcimer. The tuning is DGBE, which is the same tuning as a baritone ukulele. 66.4 KB
Lean on Me (key of C) ~ 3 string tab Here is the 3 string tab version for Lean on Me. 69.9 KB
My Heart is Yours (key of D) Original song by Donna McClary-Derrick and Dennis Nardantonio. This song is played on a 4 equidistant string mountain dulcimer. 59 KB
Guardian Angel (key of G) I'm using my 4 equidistant string dulcimer for this song with a DGBE tuning. 77.4 KB
Washed in the Blood/ I'll Fly Away (key of C) 3 string dulcimer Here is the chord sheet with dulcimer notation for a 3 string dulcimer. If you happen to have a 4 string equidistant chromatic dulcimer or a baritone ukulele, and you'd like to mimic what I'm playing, simply capo at the 5th fret and play G C D instead of C F G. 73.8 KB
This Little Light of Mine I'm playing this one on my 4 equidistant string dulcimer (DGBE), so the dulcimer tab notation reflects that. I am using the "chuck and strum" strumming style. 87.5 KB