Our Story

Beech Island, South Carolina artist, Donna McClary-Derrick makes music alight with a very giving spirit. Her songs are like comforting love letters that help create moments of warmth. McClary-Derrick, has lovingly composed songs for sick family members, as well as those in her life who have touched her heart. Her music is often buoyed by the teachings of God and inspired by the lessons they engender. 

McClary-Derrick herself, is something of a marvel. While she’s always been passionate about music, she taught herself the drums in her teens and played in several bands in her twenties - but it’s only recently that she’s given over to her love of songwriting and singing. In 2015, she was inspired to compose a song for her oldest daughter, who was approaching her high school graduation. With this momentous time in mind, McClary-Derrick’s pen began to swirl lyrics onto the page to go in concert with the strummed chords on her latest instrument of choice, the four-string mountain dulcimer.    

The songs kept flowing, and in 2016, McClary-Derrick released her debut EP, Keep God in Sight. Since then, she has released four more singles, collaborated with notable artists like Mike Frost and Joshua Messick, and continued to engage with music in order to sort through difficult emotions and process life’s losses.

Today, McClary-Derrick offers her gift of music to organizations like Hope Ministries, Celebrate Recovery, nursing homes and others working to make a positive difference.