Our Story



Donna McClary-Derrick, a Contemporary Christian Folk singer/songwriter has a passion for music that flows through her veins and adds joy to the rhythm of life around her. This passion, which she has only begun to tap, has been generously poured out upon her family, friends, church and community. 

A multi-instrumentalist, Donna began playing drums as a teenager and evolved into other elements of hand percussion. Her instrument collection quickly grew as she tried and excelled in each new endeavor.  Donna’s instrument of choice is a dulciborn, which is a hybrid mountain dulcimer ~ this instrument has a mountain dulcimer fretboard, and a weissenborn guitar body, which gives it a nice rich, full sound.  She also plays the hammered dulcimer, mountain dulcimer, bowed psaltery, tenor guitar, ukulele, and keyboard. 

Donna began writing music in June of 2015, as she was inspired by her oldest daughter, Carlee who was approaching her high school graduation.  She felt compelled to express the many emotions that she was feeling about this milestone in her daughter's life.  She not only wrote, but played and sang through tears to deliver this precious offering of love titled 'Keep God in Sight.'  People are instantly drawn to Donna's soft angelic voice, and some are moved to tears as they listen to her heartfelt lyrics that are drawn from life experiences. “Her songs are like whispered messages from above given to her to inspire, teach, and encourage others”, is what one friend says of Donna's music.   

The songwriting has continued to flow for Donna, as she has written and recorded three other inspirational songs, 'God Let Your Light Shine Down',  'A Mother's Love', 'Sweet Livia', and 'Cling to Me', which are all included in her Debut EP that was released on November 30 2015. 

Donna has been busy in the studio recording two more original compositions, and has recently released these songs in 2019 ~ My Heart Just Overflows and Favorite Youngest Daughter. 

Donna and her husband Mike recently started a Christian band “Made New”, and they enjoy playing together for Celebrate Recovery, Churches United, and other community outreach events in the CSRA.  Donna also fills in at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Aiken, SC, where she leads worship for their contemporary worship service. 

National Hammered Dulcimer Champion Joshua Messick and Donna have collaborated on several occasions when Messick has held concerts in Aiken, SC.  Donna contributed by adding some auxiliary percussion at his concerts, as well as helping him with promotions. 

Donna resides in Beech Island, SC with her husband (Mike) and their two daughters (Carlee and Tina).