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Donna is a Christian Folk singer/songwriter from Beech Island, SC, who's music is both refreshing and heartfelt as she draws her lyrics from life-related moments.  






What listeners are saying about Donna's music:

"Keep God in Sight is a calming, uplifting, beautiful rendition in which Donna's true emotions and heart shows through. Her music has a purpose other than just putting words to music to get something out there. Each song tells a story that has impacted her life, but also brings memories to her listeners of similar events in our lives which have touched our hearts. I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to this CD over and over- usually driving down the road and thinking about the love of God and how He takes us through trials and helps us to be thankful for His blessings. I hope Donna does not stop at this one, but keeps them coming."   Sharon Brown

"I think Donna is going to be a fresh, new voice in Christian music. I found this CD to be both inspiring and relaxing. I also believe Donna's heart and soul comes through in the words and music. Looking forward to hearing more from her in the near future."   S. L Savell


I just felt led to write this email telling you what a blessing this site and your music are to me. I have played dulcimer for a few years, and have been constantly searching for "contemporary" christian music for the dulcimer and JUST NOW FOUND YOU!! Thank you so much for your ministry and I hope to be able to share it with my church. God Bless! 

Mary Alice



Debbie's Song

Debbie’s Song was written for my sister who just recently passed away from breast cancer. I asked my friend Mike Frost to collaborate with me on this piece, as he had just lost his mom to cancer about two weeks after I lost my sister. It was very special for us to work on some music together, as creating music can be very healing. Mike composed the melody line for this song, as well as all of the other instrument parts that he played on this piece. (For more information about Mike Frost, please go to: Sometimes something beautiful can come out of difficult situations, and that was definitely the case with Debbie’s Song. All of the proceeds from this song purchased from Play It Forward will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation in honor of my sister.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, my newly released single ‘My Heart Just Overflows’ is now available for purchase by digital download from iTunes and Amazon! ❤️

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