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Keep God in Sight: EP
  • Keep God in Sight: EP
  • Keep God in Sight: EP
  • Keep God in Sight: EP
  • Keep God in Sight: EP
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Donna McClary-Derrick's very first 5 song EP has been officially released! You can feel the many emotions that were poured into each of Donna's songs, as you listen to the heartfelt lyrics. "Her songs are like whispered messages from above given to her to inspire, teach, and encourage others," is how one friend describes Donna's music. Get your copy today!

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Album Notes 

Donna has had a passion for music for most of her life, playing mainly percussion instruments. It wasn't until May of 2015 (at 48 years old) that she became inspired to compose, and to sing. Her inspiration came from her oldest daughter Carlee's upcoming high school graduation. Donna was feeling many different emotions; she very proud and happy for her daughter, but her heart was also very heavy thinking about her daughter leaving home. Her first song, Keep God in Sight, which is also the title for her very first EP, is a compilation of the many emotions and things that she wanted to express to her daughter before she would be leaving home to go to college. Keep God in Sight is dedicated to Donna's daughter Carlee. 

All of Donna's songs were inspired from people or experiences that have touched her heart in a special way: 

God Let Your Light Shine Down was written shortly after Donna learned of the mass shooting that had taken place in Charleston, SC, while her and her family were visiting the city in June of 2015. God Let Your Light Shine Down is dedicated to the victims of the Emmanuel AME Church, and it is her hope that this song would inspire peace among people of all races. 

After becoming a mother of two daughters, Donna has realized that, even though being a mom is definitely one of the most rewarding jobs, it's also one of the hardest! A Mother's Love was composed for Donna's mother, as she wanted to express to her mom the love and gratitude that she felt for her for always being there for her, and also for loving her unconditionally. A Mother's Love is dedicated to Donna's mom Carol McClary. 

Sweet Livia was written for a precious little girl that Donna's daughter began babysitting, and the entire family has totally fallen in love with her. Everyone in Donna's family agrees that Livia is a true blessing to have in their lives! Sweet Livia is dedicated to Livia Stow. 

Donna began writing the song Cling to Me as a result of hearing about all of the sickness, hardships, and pain that friends and family members were experiencing. In the process of writing this song, Donna learned about a friend that was in very serious condition, and the doctors at the hospital told her family that she only had twenty four hours to live. Everyone joined together to pray for Donna's friend, and after about two weeks, she was was nothing short of a miracle, as all of her organs had begun to shut down! Donna completed her song, with the added inspiration form her friend, who's life had been graciously spared. Donna chose to write this particular song in the similar format of The Jesus Calling Devotional, where God is speaking directly to you, in hopes that it would be comforting to the listener who may be going through difficulties in their life as well. Unfortunately, Sabrina just recently passed away on February 1, 2017.  This song was used to make a tribute video in Sabrina's honor.